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Real Estate Investing In 4 Simple Steps
Here’s How The Real Estate Investing Process Works With InvestorDealPro
Step 1: Generate Leads
Gain instant access to discounted property leads in your local area (with the push of a button) before most people know they exist. Within seconds - you’ll have the names, addresses, and contact information for just about every motivated seller in your area at your fingertips.
Step 2: Analyze The Deal
Run a quick desktop analysis on any property you come across and know, in minutes, if there’s money to be made (or not). Simply type in the address of a property to automatically determine your projected profits, your maximum allowable offer (MAO), and what your exit strategy should be.
Step 3: Make The Offer
Once you find a property with profit potential, use the property data provided in the software to make your offer with confidence. You can also follow a prewritten script inside of InvestorDealPro when talking with a seller to establish rapport, eliminate fear, and come to a quick agreement.
Step 4: Sell Or Rent The Property
When your investment property is ready to sell, simply post the address on InvestorDealPro's active buyer network (or on your pre-built InvestorDealPro website) to attract the right cash buyers or renters to your property. Once you’ve found the right buyer, use the fill-in-the-blank legal documents in the software to keep yourself protected and close the real estate deal with confidence.
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Direct Mail
Email Automation
Deal Analyzer
Inside of InvestorDealPro you'll get access to your own private leads search engine and the ultimate shortcut for generating quality real estate leads fast. Gain instant access to cash buyers, private lenders, and motivated sellers in your local area (including absentee owners, vacancies, properties owned “free & clear” with no mortgage, properties with high equity, properties with low equity, and much much more!).
Direct Mail
Run a direct mail marketing campaign to your seller, buyer, and private lender leads with just the click of a button. Choose from our library of time-tested direct mail marketing campaigns (including personally-penned postcards, yellow letters, and more). Printing, stuffing, stamping, and sending the right direct mail pieces to the right people are handled FOR YOU by our in-house team of robots.
In today’s modern world, it’s CRITICAL for you to set up a real estate investing website that establishes credibility, creates a good first impression on the people who see it, and generates quality leads for you on a consistent basis. The good news is, you do NOT have to be even remotely tech-savvy or hire any expensive developers to get a quality website set up for you. Simply customize one of the pre-built real estate investing websites inside of InvestorDealPro, and you’ll be able to turn visitors to your website into DEALS within minutes.
Automated Email Marketing
Want to convert your leads into deals on auto-pilot? Simply enter the lead information into InvestorDealPro, and choose a pre-written email autoresponder sequence to follow up with your leads and build relationships automatically. Just click a button once, and you’ll be following up with your seller leads, buyer leads, contractor leads, and investor leads for months on end without having to write a single email.
Overwhelmed by all the moving pieces that go into finding, funding, flipping, and renting out houses for profit? Use InvestorDealPro's CRM database as your new “virtual filing cabinet” to declutter and organize the different aspects of your business. Store your contacts in one easy-to-access place, manage your real estate transactions from start to finish, and bring back that sense of clarity and confidence that comes with having a completely organized business.
Deal Analyzer
What’s the difference between a “bad” real estate vs. a “good” real estate deal that you can potentially make money on? It all comes down to the numbers. Simply type in the address of any property inside of InvestorDealPro's Deal Analyzer to instantly calculate the value of a property, your potential profit, your maximum allowable offer (MAO), and even what your exit strategy should be. These auto-generated analysis reports alone can save you thousands by reducing your chances of overpaying for a property.
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